The Story of Best Boy

Best Boy tells the story of Philip “Philly” Wohl, a 50-year-old mentally retarded man who has spent most of his life living at home with his parents in Queens, NY. Philly is a gentle soul who is greatly loved by his family, but also over-protected by them. Philly's parents, Max and Pearl, both in their 70s, worry about what will happen to Philly when they are gone, but despite their concern about his future well-being, they have not prepared themselves or Philly for that time.

Never, that is, until a cousin—filmmaker Ira Wohl—becomes involved, starting Philly on a journey toward greater independence and a life beyond the home of his parents. Philly is granted access to a world outside the family home, an experience that both challenges and delights him. He forms a circle of support and friends, who become his "extended family.” The film—which spans four years—culminates in Philly moving into a group home with other developmentally disabled adults.

This Oscar-winning film chronicles the Wohls’ experiences as Philly ventures into a more independent life while telling the universal story of a child finally coming of age—even if the “child” is, in fact, a man of 50.