The Story of Best Sister

Best Sister completes the “Best Boy” trilogy of films. Released by filmmaker Ira Wohl in 2006, eight years after Best Man and 28 years after Best Boy, Best Sister concludes the story of adult, developmentally disabled Philly Wohl and his family.

Philly's life hasn’t changed much in the eight years since Best Man; he is still the happy, relatively healthy man at 78 that he was at 70. For his sister Frances, however, life has changed considerably. Frances, who has been Philly's sole link to his original family since the death of their parents, is now 80 and finds herself unable to do many of the things she did before, especially when it comes to caring for Philly.

Best Sister is, on one level, a straightforward, week-in-the-life portrait of a remarkable 80-year-old woman as she shifts from caregiver to cared-for—not an easy transition for anyone, much less a wry, funny woman like Frances. On another level, Best Sister is a moving meditation on family and mortality, a reminder to all of us how fleeting life’s special moments can be and how important it is to savor them.